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This domain was registered in January 2003.


Welcom to my site! Here you find information and thoughts about my interests/hobbies and other things that comes to my mind.


Why ax25.org? AX.25 is a data link layer protocol derived from the X.25 protocol suite and designed for use by amateur radio operators. It is used extensively on amateur packet radio networks. Source: Wikipedia



I concern quite a lot about privacy and integrity! According my opinion I have nothing to hide. However, it's not OK that NSA, GCHQ, Facebook and Google keep track of everything I do.


I truly believe in my right to make a decission what others should know about me! The main reason for me using encrypted communication methods is not to keep secrets but to keep integrity!



I am a fan of Linux! The idea of a complete Operating System that is free makes me happy!


I do realise that a company making a Linux Distribution have to have an income to be able to pay salaries. Free software should not be read as free beer but as a way to be free to do what you want to do.


Amateur Radio

I am a licensed radio amateur since 1986. My main callsign is SM0RUX. I really enjoy contesting and working QRP (using very little power) outdoor.


Beside my main callsign SM0RUX I also hold two special callsigns - SM0R and SI5R. I use SM0R on my QRP portable events and SI5R when at my summer cottage.


Since 2013 I'm highly involved in the D-STAR network in Sweden. I became SSA Digital Manager in 2014. SSA is the Swedish IARU association.

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